Locker Room

How Locker Room Started

What started as a small baseball bat workshop in Baton Rouge, LA soon grew to be the most prominent baseball manufacture in the United States. Marucci serves players of all ages and the major league. The company grew fast, and they realized that it took too long for the sales team to update and sell their products to youth and high school teams with their current tool called OrderMyGear (OMG). The sales team was limited by the lack of pricing and customization features OMG provided so Marucci set out to create a custom application. Marucci wanted to create a web application that could generate private and custom storefront sites for their clients to order products for the season. In the app, their sales team members could log into an admin site and create entries for the organizations they serve and subsequent teams. After the client was created in Locker Room the sales team would add products to their store applying special team discounts that couldn't be found anywhere else. In the app, a teams branding and colors could be added in and customized with a few easy clicks. From those customizations our team could create jerseys and team branded clothing for the fans as well.

My Role

UI/UX Designer, UI Developer, QA Tester, Trainer & Presenter

In the summer of 2018 I was hired on as the sole Web Designer for Marucci Sports. My main focus would be to gather requirements from the sales team to create mockups and present the user flow to the developers. I would work closely with the developers daily to style and develop Locker Room's features.

Work Example: Bulk Customizer

Marucci sells a wide variety of customized products, and each of those custom products take time to create. In reality, it would take days or even weeks to enter all of the custom products in store. In order to speed up this process my team and I created a Bulk Customizer. The process would be added under 'Add Store' in two sections (Select Criteria and Final Product Selection). Our sales team members would select all the logos and product color. Pricing depended on many other selections like how many colors are in the logo, customization placement, and customization type (Screen Print, Embroidered, Twill lettering etc.). Finally a sales team member would select all the products that the logo would be added to. See described screen below. After that screen a sales team member was presented the results.

Locker Room Features Teaser Video

The results section was pretty simple compared to the challenges of "Select Criteria'. Our sales team members would see an auto generated table that sorted each product type, and displayed each color respectively. Our sales team would then accept or reject the designs or readjust placement. Once they're happy with the selection the products would be saved and added to the store.